Wholesale Factory Price Surge Protector

Wholesale Factory Price Surge Protector

General Introduction:

Surge protection device(SPD) is an indispensable device for lightning protection of electronic equipment. It is used to limit the instantaneous overvoltage of the power line and signal transmission line to the voltage range that the equipment or system can withstand, or A powerful lightning current drains into the ground to protect the protected equipment or system from impact and damage.



Model ZY2-20
Max. Current 20kA
Up ≤1.5kV
Type T2
Working Voltage 220V/380V
Response Time ≤25ns
Working environment -40oC~+80oC
Structure Plug-in
Indicator window Green: normal/Red: fault
Main Application Protection against indirect lightning and direct lightning effects or other instant overvoltage surges, suitable for surge protection in residential, tertiary and industrial applications


Wholesale Factory Price Surge ProtectorWholesale Factory Price Surge ProtectorWholesale Factory Price Surge Protector
Main Character:

1.Metal Oxide Varistor(MOV) Large discharge capacity with low residual voltage and fast response.

2.Welding: Automatic welding to ensure the stability of performance.
3.Flame retardant: Flame retardant material. Higher security for users.
4.The shell adopts well-recognized PA66 material, high flame retardant,anti-corrosion, harsh environment still normal use.

Why Choose Us:

1.Experienced: our team has 13 years of experience
2.Factory: Mature technics, strict attitude and perfect quality system
3.Before leaving the factory sampling of products for lightning test, strict quality control

4.Quality Assurance: Don't let the quality problems do damage to our brand
5.Strict quality control, full-inspection. Professionally dedicated to SPD production


With the rapid development of electronic technology, automatic control systems are more and more widely used in all aspects of power production. Whether it is industrial field equipment protection, large-scale system lightning protection, or field instruments, you can get the most from Handele Electric Solutions and professional services. Whether it is the protection of new energy systems such as power grids, rail transit, or coal mines, Handele Electric has long-term vertical industry experience and accumulation, providing customers with industry-focused products and solutions.

Power industry: With the rapid development of electronic technology, automatic control systems are increasingly used in all aspects of power production. While power workers benefit from the great convenience of microelectronic technology, they also suffer huge losses once they are damaged.
Lightning protection of power system, power plant system, substation, power system, wind power generation, solar photovoltaic power generation.

Communication industry: The central office equipment is the transmission node of the entire communication network. After being damaged by lightning, it has a wide range of impact and large losses. Operators' needs for lightning protection are very clear. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has also adopted mandatory lightning protection measures for compliance certification of the communication industry.

Data center integrated lightning protection, mobile communication equipment room lightning protection, PDU cabinet socket lightning protection, equipment room lightning protection.

Construction industry: As the country further advances the Internet of Things, triple play, and smart buildings, each building will become a node in the network. If a core transmission device in the node is damaged, it will affect the entire network .

Lightning protection of high-rise buildings, lightning protection of grounding, lightning protection of chimney power supply system

Security industry: access control systems, temperature control, light monitoring, security systems, etc. Handa Electric can make building systems smarter, more effective and safer. Kejia products will provide solutions for all types of equipment safety protection in the building.
Three-in-one lightning protector, network monitoring system lightning protection, monitoring system lightning arrester system lightning protection

Transportation industry: subway AFC, BAS, PACADA system, etc.; road signal control system, information board system, highway follow-up monitoring system, etc. Safety protection of equipment in the transportation system and safe transmission of information. Kejia can provide a one-stop lightning protection solution.
Lightning protection for automobile charging piles, lightning protection for security monitoring system of security bayonet.

Petrochemical: Due to the high-risk and explosive characteristics of the petrochemical industry, the demand for lightning protection is also very strong. The demand for lightning protection in the petrochemical industry is mainly in the refining, storage and transportation links.
Lightning protection against lightning strikes in oil depots, lightning protection for gas station power supply/system

Other industries: power, communications, construction, security, transportation, petroleum, military industry, factory automation, new energy, all kinds of power supply and signal equipment Handele can provide reliable industry solutions to solve customer worries.


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